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Last summer Tim and I were sucked in to the amazing show ‘House of Cards’.


The best part of it? All episodes were available right away, so we watched the entire first season over the span of five days. Damn work, getting in the way!  Then, the sad part – we would have to wait until 2014 to enjoy the next season. Talk about harshing my vibe.

But we made it through the long, lonely months without Frank and Claire, and on Friday the second season was released. Valentine’s Day. Oh, happy day! Perfectly coinciding with the three day weekend, Tim and I planned a romantic weekend around food and HOC.  Of course, we do have a three and a half year old, so our tv time is scheduled around naps and bedtime. No matter, we’ve already flown through 9 episodes since Friday night! I envy those that already finished but I want to savor the time spent in this twisted, sharp look at D.C. politicians.

It’s actually a frightening and extremely shocking show – because it’s Netflix, and not a regular network, the writers guide the story line to a limit you don’t expect. From the very first, you understand that none of these people are good – but there are qualities  in them that draw you in anyway. There have been times where Tim and I are shouting at the screen “HOLY *expletive*!” and others where I’m grinning and repeating “Dude, I love her!”

Are you watching?


– every ghost ever

My absence from the blog was not exactly intended.

In addition to the familial and corporate life that I try to hold down (with varying success), I’ve had a sense of boredom with my site. As you can see – I’ve applied a bit of spit shine.  Husband and I are still working on it, but for now I’m happy with the clean space.

I’m going to catch you up in two minutes (approximately – unless you are a very slow reader, in which case…longer)

Vacationed with husband to Los Cabos:

IMG_6809 (Large)


Celebrated my 29th birthday… it looked a lot like this:


 My birthday present to myself:


Yes, they are blue. I had to.  Do you remember in Little Women when Amy and Jo go out visiting, and during one visit Jo spilled Amy’s secret of painting her old white boots shades of blue, instead of buying new ones? Ever since then, I’ve wanted blue boots. 

Jimmy Eat World concert at The Warfield:

photo 2

photo 1

Disneyland trip with the Gomers:


(Mickey’s Halloween Party)



There! Quick and painless recap.


Coming up:

- Bookstore love-

-Music playlists-

-Photography updates-


Welcome back! :-D

a first

A coworker was talking recently about a 5k she was participating in. It will be her first time running a race and she was excited about it, trying to get together a big group to join her.  The race is a benefit for prostate cancer research, and is being organized by a group of local sisters in support of their father, who is fighting through stage IV.


Suddenly, I hear myself saying “Sure! Sounds fun!” WHAT? Me? Run?

Look, running and I are not in any kind of friendly relationship.  I have asthma and have never been a fan of the dry heaves.  But, here I was, volunteering to run 3.1 miles. I think all the workouts and barre classes got to my brain. 

So…here I am, training for a race! I know that to some, it doesn’t seem like much, but this will be hard for me. I signed Tim up for this race as well, and we’ve been training together. I also got Adrienne to join in the race with us!  Our first run was rough. I thought about training at the gym, but decided that I should just start on the road – whether that’s wrong or right, I don’t know, but it’s where I’m at.  I’ve completed six runs now, and have shaved three minutes off my average mile speed. I’ve had some setbacks:

1) I forget to use my inhalator before my runs, which means my chest hurts like I’m about to have a heart attack.

2) My shoes are not running shoes, and are about 6 years old.  They literally fell apart on my foot as I was running on Monday.

3) My pinkie toenail rubbed against the second to last toe and made it bleed – weird. Also on Monday, so basically I was running like a damn idiot the last mile.

4) The first run I also forgot to eat a banana beforehand, and that made my shins hurt a little bit.

But, I bought some proper running shoes and I am trying very hard to remember: banana, water, stretch, run, stretch more.


 Of course, as is quite usual, I meant to post these some time ago, but did not get around to it until now.

Marco’s 3rd birthday happened to fall on a three day weekend, so we took the opportunity of an extra day off to visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

It really was the coolest place! Science, art, architecture, music, light, color…all of it mixed together and ready for you to touch. We loved it.

I had my camera with me, but I warn you – my boy is a rare beauty.

birthday_23cropresized (Large)


birthday_61 (Large)

A window filter – much like a camera filter

gangsta (Large)

Listening to the sounds of the bay, as we looked over the Bay Bridge

birthday_44leveled (Large)


Cloud demonstrations

birthday_88 (Large)

It’s like the fifth dimension…

birthday_50bw (Large)

birthday_36 (Large)

birthday_63 (Large)

I can’t wait to bring Marco back – they were still working on some new exhibits that we need to check out.

Copyright Booksnshoes.com and Aperture by Michelle D.

Caught in the Briar

 Day 3 [Friday]: Our last day of Bottle Rock. We rode our bikes to the fairgrounds and parked at the awesome free bike parking (thank you!) in a locked, supervised location. Free KIND bars too. YUM.

On the negative side, the guards and event staff threw out all of our sealed, brand new packs of dried chili spiced mangos and dried mandarins. ‘NO FOOD!” he said and made Tim dump the food. Umm…the signs that listed prohibited items never mentioned food. “NO FOOD!” he said again.



My handsome husband




The line for Wyatt Cenac – which was, once again, a fruitless venture. Only VIPs got in. GRR.

After being disappointed again, Tim and I snagged some awesome posters at the Amoeba tent, and walked to Downtown Joe’s for a late lunch.

IMG_6070 (Large)

IMG_6071 (Large)

After a delicious veggie burger for me and a bacon stuffed burger for Tim (sounded yuck to me but Tim thought it was good), we trekked back to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

IMG_6072 (Large)

The crowd was a little crazy. I have to tell you…I don’t know if it was because it was day 3 (day 4 if you attended Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Wednesday), but things started breaking down. People got meaner, pushier, more drunk, too high. Tim and I were hit on by a drunk couple standing behind us (both our rears were pinched) and I received pets on my hair (“So pretty!”). WEIRD. Anyway, the band was fun (though Alex had a cold and his voice wasn’t quite perfect).  They didn’t play ‘Desert Song’, but it was still a good set.

IMG_6084 (Large)

We ran as fast as we could over to the Miner Stage, because Jackson Browne had finished his set and IRON AND WINE was next! The last time I saw Iron and Wine live, Tim had missed out due to a work emergency, and boy, was he bummed out. We ran into some of our friends at the Miner stage and spent the time during setup chatting.

And then Sam Beam came on stage…and the music was so lovely and wonderful.

IMG_6087 (Large)

Look how close I got!! Yay!! I wanted to watch his face when he sings.

He played a lot of tracks off of the new album Ghost on Ghost, and a few songs from Kiss Each Other Clean. He did play ‘Carousel’ from Shepherd’s Dog, so I was happy and dove into Tim’s arms. That whole album is so me and Tim and pregnancy and giving birth to Marco (my labor playlist was Iron and Wine and Damien Rice).  It was hard for him to play anything too quiet or acoustic because the other stages had Jane’s Addiction and Kings of Leon – even Sam commented ‘I’m afraid I can’t play any of the quieter stuff because of the boom-chy boom-chy over there.”  But he snuck in a couple of things I’d never heard before (“You might be able to find this song somewhere, could be hard”).

IMG_6102 (Large)

So happy!!

We thought about trying to see Jim Gaffigan, but decided against it once we saw the line. Instead, we walked downtown and grabbed grub and a drink at Eiko’s. Mmmm avocado tempura! Downtown started getting crazy as it was the end of the concert, so we grabbed our bikes, and headed home.

We skipped Sunday’s festivities as it was Mother’s Day, and I wanted to spend it with my boy. <3

I am looking forward to next year! I hope they are able to snag a lineup that is as good as the inagural year….



I have you. You have me.

Happy 10 years, Timothy.

Can you believe it’s been a decade?

You and me, we have it made.

One day you sent an Instant Message

Then suddenly we call AIM vintage.

Ten years ago we had thumb wars

Today we celebrate with wine pours.

We’d discuss which local band brought the rock

Now I’ll give you 10 cool points if you pick up your socks.

I swear I’m done with this awful rhyme

But I wanted to tell you, thanks for the time.

I love you.

(Totally true.)


May 2003


September 2004

we did it!

May 21st 2005

tflkitchen (Medium)

May 2007 – anniversary lunch at The French Laundry


December 24th, 2007

Picture 544 (Large)

October 2008 – Venice, Italy

Gomer Wedding0449

September 19th, 2009

090 Dickson

April 2010


May 27th, 2010

DSCN5056 (Large)

7th wedding anniversary dinner at Auberge du Soleil

DSCN5756 (Large)December 2012 – Disneyland



Recent happenings, per my iPhone…

IMG_5615 (Large)

Another step closer to the completion of our kitchen remodel project. Tim built that whole corner to match the entryway (I painted. I helped!)

IMG_5635 (Large)

Feeling pretty fierce after a workout a few weeks ago. My workouts and Barre classes are making a mark, and it makes me so happy!

IMG_5698 (Large)

Hangin’ with my men (and Belle!) in the line at Bouchon Bakery


Umm yeah… that is Neil Gaiman tweeting to me. About Marco. SO FREAKING COOL!!


IMG_5760 (Large)

Tim and I had switched cars for the day, and he unfortunately was rear-ended during a traffic jam.  My car was considered a total by the insurance company. Luckily, it meant that I got to snag the car I’ve had my eye on – the Mazda CX-5!! I love love love it.

IMG_5786 (Large)

Made a fruit tart from scratch – layers of lemon curd, pastry cream, and berries.

IMG_5784 (Large)

Chocolate cupcakes with fleur de sel caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle, and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Raise the roof

Yeah. So. 12 days since my last post.

I’ve kind of been busy… doing stuff like this:

IMG_5513 (Large)

For some unfathomable reason, the design of our house included drop ceilings in the kitchen and hall bathroom. WHAT THE HELL,1973!? The first plan we made when we decided to remodel our kitchen was to push the ceiling back to the standard 8′ height.

IMG_5516 (Large)

IMG_5518 (Large)

Tim could not put up the sheet rock alone, because the sheets are extremely heavy.  So, it fell to me to be his assistant.  Problem: I am extremely afraid of heights;  I become shaky and I sometimes cry out of panic. Add to that a strange fear of ladders (I don’t trust them) and lack of experience with drills and this was one terrifying experience.  But, since I couldn’t hold up the sheet rock myself, Tim had to hold it while I drilled it to the cross beams.  Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and coach.

And now look!

IMG_5521 (Large)

IMG_5523 (Large)

The cabinets are from IKEA – the AKURUM cabinets with the LIDINGO doors.  The sink is the DOMSJO single bowl farmhouse.

IMG_5542 (Large)

 The hood is the LUFTIG – I LOVE this. It looks amazing!

IMG_5543 (Large)

IMG_5548 (Large)

IMG_5549 (Large)

Then these lovely appliances found their way home…

IMG_5565 (Large)

IMG_5561 (Large)

IMG_5564 (Large)

IMG_5569 (Large)

IMG_5573 (Large)


IMG_5581 (Large)

More pictures of the progress to come! I can’t wait for it all to be completed…my dining table looks like this right now:

IMG_5511 (Large)


’round here

A few changes around our house (and soon to be even more!! Our kitchen remodel is beginning in the next month!!!) All the pictures below were taken on my iPhone – so the quality is so-so – but it gives you an idea of the happenings.

The guest room –  curtains, a headboard upcycled from our old IKEA bed (purchased when we got married – now remade into a funky design by my own handy husband), and bedding.

IMG_5162 (Large)

Dining room – finally ditched the ancient blinds and installed curtains. The side panels are actually more of a tan, but in this picture they look almost green. Anyway, nevermind the painter’s tape on the wall – we’re marking off cabinets for the kitchen remodel. :)

IMG_5297 (Large)

Hall bathroom – Tim installed wainscoting onto one wall – it feels much more pulled together now.
IMG_5201 (Large)

Master bedroom: a few months ago we upgraded to this amazing bed from World Market, last month we got new bedding and bedside tables from Target. I LOVE IT!  We need to replace my ancient reading lamp (IKEA circa 2005), redo my closet, and eventually we’ll refinish the floors.

IMG_5199 (Large)

It’s funny – going back through old pictures of our house, pictures of how it looked when we first bought it – there’s definitely been improvement. Even better is to look back at our first apartment and see how we ‘decorated’ it. LOL!  Our television stand was Tim’s amp, and our bathroom scheme was two green hand towels and a container of lime hand soap from Dollar Tree.  Ha!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some of our design inspiration for the new kitchen!


I decided I couldn’t wait for Spring to do a little Spring cleaning, and took the opportunity of a four day weekend to re-organize the closets and my bathroom.   I tackled Tim’s closet first, because I knew there were interesting bits in there.  For Tim, the most painful thing is to throw out a tee shirt that still holds up, even if he hasn’t worn the stupid thing in 6 years. Lots of haggling involved just to pare down his closet to what he actually will use.

Then, there’s this weird tic he has, when he thinks I should hold onto this gawd-awful pair of boots he made me buy (the last time I let him talk me into any purchase) back in 2005, right after we got married, and which I have worn: 1 time. We get into this debate every single year.   I throw the boots into the donate pile. He fishes them out and hides them in his closet, in a box, under the bed, etc. I stumble upon them, put them back in a donate pile, and round and round it goes. He insists that he will take me to the snow and I will need these particular boots.  However, we have been to the snow together: 0 times. How do I explain this… they are suede with faux fur lining. I hate them. I can’t even post a picture here, that’s how much I dislike these infernal boots.

On the plus side of our New Year’s weekend, my hair tools/accessories are neatly organized in drawers:

IMG_5133 (Large)

IMG_5149 (Large)

IMG_5147 (Large)


But, of course I still have a junk drawer for loose ends. SIGH.

Before you get to thinking I had the saddest New Year’s ever, I will be sharing recipes this week for two delicious desserts I brought to the NYE dinner party we attended!

peace out.

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