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The Challenge

A few days before the New Year, I decided to check out my plank. Then I checked it again the next day…and the next. Pretty soon, I decided to make myself a 30 day plank challenge. Every day, I held a high plank as long as I safely could.  Turns out, I actually have a darn good core.

Day 1 – 00:03:05
Day 2 – 00:03:22
Day 3 – 00:03:25
Day 4 – 00:03:31
Day 5 – 00:03:51
Day 6 – 00:03:52
Day 7 – 00:03:47
Day 8 – 00:03:54
Day 9 – 00:04:07
Day 10 – 00:04:18
Day 11 – 00:04:20
Day 12 – 00:04:27
Day 13 – 00:04:47
Day 14 – 00:05:04
Day 15 – 00:05:11
Day 16 – 00:05:20
Day 17 – 00:05:26
Day 18 – 00:05:31
Day 19 – 00:05:27
Day 20 – 00:05:31
Day 21 – 00:05:43
Day 22 – 00:05:46
Day 23 – 00:06:04
Day 24 – 00:06:04
Day 25 – REST DAY
Day 26 – REST DAY
Day 27 – 00:06:10
Day 28 – 00:06:20
Day 29 – 00:06:24
Day 30 – 00:06:31

During the plank, I required music to keep me going.  I would like to thank Jimmy Eat World, Erykah Badu, Mumford & Sons, Jay Z, Bastille, and Justin Timberlake for their efforts.

I’m thinking side plank next…


– every ghost ever

My absence from the blog was not exactly intended.

In addition to the familial and corporate life that I try to hold down (with varying success), I’ve had a sense of boredom with my site. As you can see – I’ve applied a bit of spit shine.  Husband and I are still working on it, but for now I’m happy with the clean space.

I’m going to catch you up in two minutes (approximately – unless you are a very slow reader, in which case…longer)

Vacationed with husband to Los Cabos:

IMG_6809 (Large)


Celebrated my 29th birthday… it looked a lot like this:


 My birthday present to myself:


Yes, they are blue. I had to.  Do you remember in Little Women when Amy and Jo go out visiting, and during one visit Jo spilled Amy’s secret of painting her old white boots shades of blue, instead of buying new ones? Ever since then, I’ve wanted blue boots. 

Jimmy Eat World concert at The Warfield:

photo 2

photo 1

Disneyland trip with the Gomers:


(Mickey’s Halloween Party)



There! Quick and painless recap.


Coming up:

- Bookstore love-

-Music playlists-

-Photography updates-


Welcome back! :-D

Diamonds on your timepiece

Lorde – Royals

I love love love this song.

Caught in the Briar

 Day 3 [Friday]: Our last day of Bottle Rock. We rode our bikes to the fairgrounds and parked at the awesome free bike parking (thank you!) in a locked, supervised location. Free KIND bars too. YUM.

On the negative side, the guards and event staff threw out all of our sealed, brand new packs of dried chili spiced mangos and dried mandarins. ‘NO FOOD!” he said and made Tim dump the food. Umm…the signs that listed prohibited items never mentioned food. “NO FOOD!” he said again.



My handsome husband




The line for Wyatt Cenac – which was, once again, a fruitless venture. Only VIPs got in. GRR.

After being disappointed again, Tim and I snagged some awesome posters at the Amoeba tent, and walked to Downtown Joe’s for a late lunch.

IMG_6070 (Large)

IMG_6071 (Large)

After a delicious veggie burger for me and a bacon stuffed burger for Tim (sounded yuck to me but Tim thought it was good), we trekked back to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

IMG_6072 (Large)

The crowd was a little crazy. I have to tell you…I don’t know if it was because it was day 3 (day 4 if you attended Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on Wednesday), but things started breaking down. People got meaner, pushier, more drunk, too high. Tim and I were hit on by a drunk couple standing behind us (both our rears were pinched) and I received pets on my hair (“So pretty!”). WEIRD. Anyway, the band was fun (though Alex had a cold and his voice wasn’t quite perfect).  They didn’t play ‘Desert Song’, but it was still a good set.

IMG_6084 (Large)

We ran as fast as we could over to the Miner Stage, because Jackson Browne had finished his set and IRON AND WINE was next! The last time I saw Iron and Wine live, Tim had missed out due to a work emergency, and boy, was he bummed out. We ran into some of our friends at the Miner stage and spent the time during setup chatting.

And then Sam Beam came on stage…and the music was so lovely and wonderful.

IMG_6087 (Large)

Look how close I got!! Yay!! I wanted to watch his face when he sings.

He played a lot of tracks off of the new album Ghost on Ghost, and a few songs from Kiss Each Other Clean. He did play ‘Carousel’ from Shepherd’s Dog, so I was happy and dove into Tim’s arms. That whole album is so me and Tim and pregnancy and giving birth to Marco (my labor playlist was Iron and Wine and Damien Rice).  It was hard for him to play anything too quiet or acoustic because the other stages had Jane’s Addiction and Kings of Leon – even Sam commented ‘I’m afraid I can’t play any of the quieter stuff because of the boom-chy boom-chy over there.”  But he snuck in a couple of things I’d never heard before (“You might be able to find this song somewhere, could be hard”).

IMG_6102 (Large)

So happy!!

We thought about trying to see Jim Gaffigan, but decided against it once we saw the line. Instead, we walked downtown and grabbed grub and a drink at Eiko’s. Mmmm avocado tempura! Downtown started getting crazy as it was the end of the concert, so we grabbed our bikes, and headed home.

We skipped Sunday’s festivities as it was Mother’s Day, and I wanted to spend it with my boy. <3

I am looking forward to next year! I hope they are able to snag a lineup that is as good as the inagural year….


The look of the cake


Friday [Day 2]: Tim and I arrived at the fairgrounds ready to rock n roll! After securing our wristbands we made a beeline to the Miner Stage to catch Blues Traveler.


Oh yes, we were sporting our Highway 29 club tees. Like bosses.

IMG_6034 (Large)

John Popper plays the harmonica like WHOA!

Everyone was dancing and having a great time during their set – they kept it cool. Lots of VIPs that couldn’t get into the VIP section so they hopped the fence – one lady fell backwards and smacked her head on the gates when trying to sneak in!  After the rousing set, we headed to the Whole Foods garden for dinner and The Shins.

Tim and I had to take a lap around the tents and try to decide what we should eat! SO MANY GOOD CHOICES. In the end, I went with La Condesa (STREET CORN, PEOPLE! STREET CORN.) and ordered the chicken tacos and street corn. Timmy’s favorite part: free pork tacos. Some yahoo didn’t come back for his tacos they gave them to me – Tim scored big. :-D

IMG_6037 (Large)

IMG_6039 (Large)

Next year: more seating, please! Took forever to score a spot at a table.  Major props, though, on the screen located in the garden – it was streaming the WillPower stage show!

After the grub, we caught the last three songs from The Shins at the WillPower stage. Judging rightly, we headed as close as we could to the front and assumed we could shove closer for The Black Keys.

I’m sorry, Shins fans. They were boring. I like a few of their songs (3, to be exact) and I thought it would be fun to see them. Unfortunately, they were not exciting to watch. There was no show, and even they didn’t seem that thrilled by their set.

IMG_6041 (Large)

At the end of the set, some of the fans wandered away and we were able to scoot forward. :) Even though I heard the wacky and delicious antics of The Flaming Lips, I moved not!

IMG_6053 (Large)

Oh yes. Tim and I went through a bag of these waiting for the Keys!


IMG_6054 (Large)

IMG_6060 (Large)

They killed it. KILLED. When Patrick started on the kick drum – I could literally feel it in my sternum, pumping. It was AWESOME!!

Not so awesome –  the two girls having some kind of bad trip behind us. They ended up crying and leaning on Tim. Also, one of them was petting Tim’s back and he was beet red and uncomfortable. It was so awkward. I tried to give them some water and have them sit but they were just too out of it. I worried a little as I am wont to do, but they wandered off before I could seriously behave like a mom.

After the wonderful show, we’re poured out of the fairgrounds and into the streets of Napa. After witnessing a girl lying on the cement swatting at the police officer who was trying to calm her down and a nasty fight, we knew it was time get serious about heading home.

Tim and I walked the 3 1/2 miles and laughed the whole way (except when we were whining about how tired we were, lol).

Do you like American music?


Thursday [Day 1]: Originally Tim and I purchased the 3 day pass (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) but when I heard the lineup for Thursday I knew I had to go.  I bought tickets for Thursday, so I could take my mom to see Violent Femmes and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as a Mother’s Day gift.

Heading in to the festival, it was clean, not too crowded, and the event staff were friendly, funny, and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Napa Expo looked – the event planners did a good job turning the outdated fairgrounds into a respectable festival!

First thing we did upon arrival was survey the land, then book it to the Citi Stage for Joan Jett!

IMG_5978 (Large)


Citi Stage


IMG_5993 (Large)

IMG_5995 (Large)

That’s my mom :)

After Joan’s rockin’ set (have to say, shouting the lyrics to ‘Cherry Bomb’ along with your mother is kind of surreal) and a beer,  Mom and I wandered into the Free People tent, where they snapped pics (and posted them on their Facebook).


One of the best parts about this festival was the food. A whole section of the fairgrounds were dedicated to food trucks! We ended up at the Ultra Crepes truck, where we partook of the Ajvar savory and a strawberry nutella sweet crepe. Delicious! After snacks, it was time to make our way to the Miner stage for the Violent Femmes.  As per my usual routine, I scooted as close to the stage as possible. :)

IMG_6002 (Large)

Miner Stage

IMG_6004 (Large)

IMG_6010 (Large)

They were awesome!! Since it was the 30th anniversary of their debut album, they came on stage and announced they’d play the album in its entirety!! After they finished, they played some songs from Hallowed Ground, but only one song from The Blind Leading the Naked (was hoping for ‘Old Mother Regan’ or ‘Children of the Revolution’, but at least they played ‘I Held Her in my Arms’).

IMG_6027 (Large)

After, mom and I heard The Avett Brothers playing ‘I and Love and You’. I was bummed that their set time had been changed (Further had to drop out at the last minute), but glad to hear their voices as a closer for the evening.

We left the festival beaming. :-D

Day 2 post tomorrow!


I’m just going to start off just like it hasn’t been a month since I last posted.

Not sure if you are aware, but Jimmy Eat World is releasing their eighth album, ‘Damage’, on June 11th!!

Today my beloved band posted this video on YouTube:


Bottle Rock Napa Valley

On Monday, a giant music, wine and foodie festival was announced…one that takes place in my very own town of Napa!!! Not only is it local, but the festival dates coincide with the epic 10 year dating anniversary (Tim and I will have been together an entire decade – WHOA), and Mother’s Day, which you know is the best holiday ever.   I am basically dying of happiness.

bottle rock


The promoters are announcing just a few acts each day, with the full line up available (supposedly) this weekend. So far, the list includes:

The Black Keys
Alabama Shakes
The Flaming Lips
Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite
The Shins
Bad Religion
Iron and Wine
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Mavis Staples
Rodrigo y Gabriela
Michael Franti & Spearhead
The Wallflowers
Blues Traveler
Brandi Carlile
Donovan Frankenreiter
Group Love

Please God don’t let this be a dream.

Mixmaster 2 –

I wasn’t kidding about making this a weekly – I have a million of these. :-D Give me any ideas you have


Gladys Knight & The Pips ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’

Iron & Wine ‘Sodom, South GA’

Ray Charles ‘Georgia on My Mind’

The Charlie Daniels Band ‘Devil Went Down to Georgia’

and here’s another I love, which mentions Georgia in the lyrics :)

Otis Redding ‘Sittin on the Dock of the Bay’

the mix master

One of my favorite little brain games to play when I am alone in my car is to take whatever song is currently playing on the radio, and try to think of three other songs that have a common theme. I listen to a lot of music so I can usually come up with plenty.

Today’s topic is RAIN.

Blind Melon – No Rain

Garbage – Only Happy When it Rains

Missy Elliott – The Rain

Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again

I think I’ll make this a weekly post on my blog…

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